Being healthy shouldn't have to be so hard

Being a healthy you is more than just looking good or achieving a number on a scale. It's the basis for how we feel about ourselves and others, and empowers everything else we do. Being healthy is incredibly important! But our modern lives have made good health extremely difficult to come by. You can buy entertainment, attention, techno-geek wizardry, and artificial reconstructions of almost any emotional, physical, or environmental stimuli feasible.....but you can't buy health. It has to be earned. It only comes through a three dimensional construction of the right food, the right people, and the right activities that make us the very best that we can be. And all too often, creating this for ourselves is extremely difficult.

Making you healthy is our goal.

Health Kismet is the machine I use to help us get from our brain to yours. Incredible Greens is the product we make to encapsulate its benefits into the physical realm. In the eyes of the law it's an LLC, in the eyes of our creditors it's how I make a living, in the eyes of ourselves it's the acorn that's being sprouted into the oak tree with one purpose in mind: to make real health a tangible reality.

A Company That Creates Things to Be Used, Not Sold

Health Kismet was created to make its customers healthy, not to make its founders rish. All of our actions are centered around the goal of solving a difficult problem that many people need solved. Profits are subservient to this goal. If foregoing them is a necessity to discover the solutions needed to make healthy living a reachable goal, then so be it. It's better to be loved than to be rich. Thanks for reading, and we hope you stick around :)