Ingredient Suppliers

Name Specialty Telephone Website Notes
Green Wave Ingredients Functional Ingredients 877-550-3600 Mostly imported, responsive service.
Amazon Forest Botanicals 973-584-3900 Distributor, wide selection, mostly imported, good service
Jia Herb Botanicals 888-542-4372 Distributor, wide selection, mostly from China, carries organics
DSM Functional Ingredients N/A Massive footprint, good with scientific development, hard to work with, not always good for small companies
Ecuadorian Rainforest Botanicals 973-759-2002 Importer, mostly deals with South America
Parchem Vitamins/Chemical Compounds 800-282-3982 Vast selection, expensive, not all products suitable for human consumption.
Albion Minerals 800-453-2406 Specialize in amino acid chelates.
Nutraex Sweeteners N/A Specialize in customized flavoring solutions
NPNutra Botanicals 310-694-3031 Higher end supplier, carries a wide variety of organic ingredients
AIDP Functional Ingredients 866-262-6699 Have had good experience with these guys. Good prices and small packsizes.
Nutraceutix Probiotics 425-883-9518 Probiotics manufacturer and supplier.
Powder Pure Botanicals 541-298-4800 Specialize in organics, use a proprietary drying method, which is important for botanicals.
Sabinsa Functional Ingredients 732-777-1111 Similar in scope to DSM and AIDP


Name Capabilities Minimum Quantity Telephone Website Notes
Bactolac Capsules, powders, tablets 1,000 bottles 1-800-585-2546 Usually responsive, quoted prices are usually competitive
ABH Nature Capsules, powders, tablets 150 Kilo 855-875-2220 Family owned business, pleasant to work with, lots of experience.
Lief Organics Capsules, powders, tablets None 661-775-2500 They are pretty responsive and transparent, I've enjoyed working with them.
Herbally Yours Capsules, powders, tablets Depends 480-892-8220 Want to like these guys, but had a hard time getting anywhere with them.
Uckele Capsules, powders, tablets None 800-248-0330 Reached out to them briefly, never went anywhere.
Robinson Pharmaceuticals Capsules, powders, tablets 500 Kilo 714-241-0235 Large in-house capabilities, higher startup costs
Protech Nutraceuticals Capsules, powders, tablets N/A 727-466-0770 Good reputation within the industry.

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