Incredible Mood

The All-Natural Way to Feel Balanced and Healthy

Incredible Mood combines botanical extracts and highly purified pharmaceutical grade vitamins to help support a balanced mood.

  • - Promotes relaxation
  • - Balanced mood
  • - Supports a peaceful state of mind
  • - Carefully sourced with the best ingredients
  • - One bottle contains 30 servings (1 month supply)


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Remove the Invisible Foot That's Tripping You Up and Keeping You From Being Your Best

Do you find yourself always feeling like you could be this great person, but there's always something inside you that's preventing it from happening? A panic attack that won't subside? A compulsive urge that keeps you from relaxing and enjoying the moment?

A lot of us struggle with fluctuations in our mood that keep us from satisfying our intense desire to be the person we want to be.

That we know we could be if we could just stop getting in our own way!

Incredible Mood was designed to remove the physiological roadblocks that corner us into our darker side.

Made With Ingredients That Have Scientifically Proven Benefits in Doses That Actually Move the Needle

Every single ingredient in Incredible Mood was carefully chosen to fulfill a specific purpose.

The basis for the formulation started by looking at the research on what actually works, and in what doses, and then working backwards from there.

Incredible Mood is not meant to be a one-hit shot of stress alleviation. It's a long-term solution designed to remove the nutrient deficiencies that prevent your body from working the way it needs to help you feel better.

With No Shortcuts Taken. None!

B6 Pyridoxine HCL $28/kilo Cheaper. P-5-P 275/kilo Better absorbed.
Folate Folic Acid $312/kilo Cheaper. 5-MTHF $14,000/kilo Better absorbed.
B12 Cyanocobalamin $1,800/kilo Cheaper. Methylcobalamin $3,200/kilo Better absorbed.
K Phylloquinone $30/kilo Cheaper. K2 $500/kilo Better absorbed.
Magnesium Magnesium Oxide $4/kilo Cheaper. Magnesium Bis-Glycine Chelate $17/kilo Better absorbed.
Zinc Zinc Sulfate $14/kilo Cheaper. Zinc Bis-Glycine Chelate $48/kilo Better absorbed.

Organic Botanicals

We source the botanicals in our products from Oregon's Wild Harvest and Mountain Rose herbs. In addition to being organic, the herbs in our product are harvested and dried on site. There's no substitute for knowing how and when herbs are processed.

Activated Vitamins

Most vitamins sold in a drug store are actually "pre-vitamins" that have to get transformed to the real thing in your liver. We only use vitamins that are in their active state, which means they go right into the tissues that need them.

....With No Spray Drying!

Did you know the way botanicals are dried dramatically affects their nutrient content? Just say NO! to spray drying! Our botanicals are prepared using a non-invasive ambient drying technique that uses low heat and no solvents to prevent unwanted residues and pesticides.

Chelated Minerals

Most minerals don't dissolve in your stomach. That means they'll end up in your stools before they end up in your circulation. Our minerals are chelated to amino acids which allows your body to recognize and absorb them during digestion.

We spent more than 10x standard price on ingredients to get these details right. If you're someone who doesn't metabolize nutrients very well this is the difference between night and day.

The 411 On Each Ingredient

I think really hard about each ingredient I put in my products. Click on each one to learn more about them.


Dose Used: 5000 mg.

Reason: Think creatine is just useful for bodybuiders? No way! It helps your body use energy more efficiently, which is very important for your brain since it uses 20% of your resting energy. It also frees up a molecule called sam-E to do mood enhancing work throughout your body.

Further Reading: Why creatine is the missing ingredient in mental health.. Also, The researcher Tadafumi Kato based out of Japan has done a number of clinical studies on using creatine to stabilize mood and found that loading with 8g consistently resulted in improved cognitive performance.


Dose Used: 250 mg.

Reason: Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb that's traditionally been used to treat anxiety and stress. It's become well known for having widespread effects on mental health while still being gentle on your system and not producing unwanted side effects.

Rhodiola Rosea

Dosage Used: 250 mg.

Reason: Rhodiola counteracts the effects of Cortisol, aka "The Stress Hormone."

Anytime you have a panic attack, don't get enough sleep, or tense up around a hot girl it'll start sloshing through your veins. Cortisol is necessary from time to time. But too much of it adds fat to your belly and keeps you in the doldrums.

Rhodiola mutes this effect by modifying proteins that are involved in the stress response, allowing for your body to have a more robust adaptation to anxiety and randomness of all types.

Further Reading: How rhodiola can help you run faster, withstand cold temperatures and overcome stage fright.


Dose Used: 150 mg

Reason: Magnesium is the original chill pill. It counteracts glutamate in the central nervous system, which is an excitatory molecule that generates electrostatic potentials between neurons. Overfiring neurons aren't good for your peace of mind.

Lots of people have magnesium deficiency because it's easily removed during the food manufacturing process. We used to have it in drinking water but we took that out because it rusts the pipes.

Most One-A-Days and morally bankrupt formulators shove Magnesium Oxide down your throat because it's dense and cheap. The only thing magnesium oxide can regularly do inside your body is cause diarrhea. That's why doctors fill you up with it before they give you a colonoscopy. We use magnesium citrate, which is a better absorbed, less dense form of the mineral.

Further Reading: This clinical trial compared three popular forms of magnesium supplements given to people for 60 days. Magnesium citrate was the best absorbed. Magnesium oxide did absolutely nothing.

Folate, B12, B6, B3

Folate, B12, B6 and B3 work together to transfer carbon groups within your body. This might sound trivial, but this process has a lot of downstream consequences within your body. Like how you think and feel.

People who struggle with mood, metabolism, concentration or anxiety often have deficiencies in how these vitamins work inside their body.

What's CRITICALLY important is that we use forms of the vitamins that BYPASS the liver. THIS IS CRITICAL. People who struggle with their mood disproportionately have mutants of enzymes like MTHFR which prohibits them from metabolizing these vitamins. They suffer from an internal deficiency and no amount of vitamin rotgut like folic acid, pyridoxine HCL or cyanocobalamin will do the trick. If you're one of these people the %DV you see on the label means nothing because it doesn't make it to your tissues. You'll only notice a difference if you take the circulating forms of the vitamin.....which is what we use.


Dosage Used: 100mg.

Reason: 5-HTP is the easiest way to get your body to naturally make more serotonin.

Serotonin is the primary chemical your brain makes to control your mood. Serotonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan gets turned into 5-htp before being turned into serotonin. If you swallow a bunch of tryptophan practically none of it reaches your brain. This is not true for 5-htp. It crosses the blood brain barrier.

One of the biggest benefits of taking 5-HTP is that, in addition to making you feel better, it doesn't deplete your body's reservoir of serotonin. Lots of other "feel good" formulas make your body vomit serotonin, only to leave you with a serotonin hangover a few hours later.

We wanted to get a little bit of an 'ahhhh, I feel better now' factor with Incredible Mood, and 5-HTP is one of the ways we do it.

A, D, E, K


The relationship between vitamin D and mood is well-established. Know how you start to feel blue when it gets cloudy outside? That's because the lack of vitamin D is turning you into a seasonally affected zombie. Not fun.

We use 1000 IU of Vitamin D. This is well above the recommended value of 400 IU, but it's underappreciated that your body can make up to 25,000 IU in 20 minutes when you walk outside (granted, you'd probably need to be buck naked in order to actually get this much).

What's even less appreciated is that VITAMIN D NEVER PARTIES ALONE! Almost everything it does is in conjunction with the other fatties A, E, and K. You have to have all 4.

Form is also important. Just say no to ergocalciferol, phylloquinone and dl-alpha tocopherol. We use D3, retinol palmitate, d-alpha and most importantly.....MK-7. This is the superior form of vitamin K that's waaaaay more expensive than anything you'll get at Walgreens.


Dosage Used: 150 mcg.

Reason: Did you know lots of mood disorders are actually thyroid disorders in disguise? It's true.

Your thyroid is constantly spitting out a hormone that gets transformed in your brain that, once activated, can do very powerful things inside your body. Every single one of them comes attached with 4 iodine molecules.

If you use table salt at home you're probably getting enough iodine. If not it can be hard to come by because it's only found in certain aquatic organisms. Getting too much iodine is just as bad as not getting enough, which is why we use just enough to allow for circulating levels of TSH to approach 50 mU/L with regular use.


Dose Used: 20mg

Reason: Zinc is a co-factor for more than 300 enzymes, many of which work in the brain. Low levels of zinc are actually the first physiological sign that you might be depressed since your brain quickly dumps it out of its neurons when something goes wrong. Like magnesium it counteracts excitatory molecules that cause you to convulse and get cranky if they get out of control.

Like all minerals there's a fine line between something that gets used and something that collects like sawdust in your colon. We use zinc amino acid chelate, so it's already bound to a carrier molecule to get out of your stomach.

Formulated by Someone Who's Just A Little Bit Nutty Himself

My formulation is a balance sheet nightmare. It's all but impossible to sell it and make more than just a wee bit of sheckles on each one.....and I'm a company of one!

To afford Incredible Mood I moved into the woods and lived off the land for four months so I could use rent + utilities + groceries towards my ingredient costs. You can read more about that here.. Methylfolate doesn't pay for itself.

Hey.....let's all be poor together, right?

I say if you have to drain your bank account to buy my supplements then I ought to drain mine in order to put unreasonably expensive ingredients inside them.

What the hey, let's all dive into that poverty sinkhole with irrational one group.

Lots of companies have quarterly profit goals, stock options, yearly bonuses, and mandated margins.

My financial goals for my own company are much more simple: $2,000 a month.

That's what I need to afford my one bedroom apartment and day-to-day expenses. Everything else goes back in the pot.

.....For My Slightly Nutty Family.

Unfortunately, I have personal experience with the difficulties caused by mental illness.

They've always been very strong with the way they hid it for my own benefit, but there were always occasional signs that it was lurking beneath the surface of those I cared about. A panic attack here, maybe a little mood swing there......just enough to let me know people were struggling with their own internal battles.

This familiarity took a ride in the fast lane when I was unexpectedly put into a position to help someone get through a rough patch. It was an eye-opening experience, and it really hit home just how much not having the right frame of mind can make everyday life more difficult than it ought to.

This is a serious problem folks, and not one that has easy answers.

One morning on my couch I was asked if I knew of any good supplements to take for alleviating mood problems. I paused and thought, but didn't really have a good answer. So I spent the next few months reading about it.

This formula is the fruit of my research and is designed to allow people to systematically dissolve the bottlenecks within your body that are keeping you blue.

Of course it's not the only thing you'll need in order to feel better.......having a life you can truly be happy about is the most important ingredient to feeling happy about yourself. However, it sure won't hurt.

You might also want to know...

What Does It Taste Like?

It has a fruit punch flavor. Incredible Mood has a very high vitamin content, so it has an after taste that's a bit metallic. It's a bit like Emergen-C but not as sweet.

What's The Best Way To Use It?

You should take it once a day to begin with to see how your body responds to it. If your body doesn't take well to it right away then use a half-scoop and see how you feel.

Where Should I Store It?

In the fridge. One of the consequences of using the active forms of vitamins is they're less stable so it's better to keep it in a cold place to prevent them from oxidizing.

Can You Take Too Much Of It?

Possibly. The ingredients are made to have an effect on the brain, which has delicate metabolic pathways so you should be cognizant of the potential to overuse the product. The majority of people should not use it more than once a day.

Are There Side Effects From Taking It?

Yes: you should feel better after taking it!

But seriously.....most people shouldn't but there are two possible exceptions:

1). Creatine can create a slight tingly feeling if you don't have enough of it. This is completely harmless and will go away after using it a few times.

2). Depending on your state of health when you first take it, some of the ingredients might be a bit much for your brain, so use gently at first.

What If I'm On Medication?

Best to talk to your Dr. first before you try it. Better safe than sorry.

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