Start Juicing. Feel Like A Million Bucks.

How It Works

An Easy Way to Lose Weight and Feel Better

1 video lesson delivered to your inbox every morning
Progress over 30 days and finish with an (optional) 3 day fast.
A written guide provides recipes and grocery lists to go along with the videos
No cost, and you don't have to only drink juice

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Easy to Use, Impressive Results

Free of charge - good advice shouldn't have to cost anything
No other lifestyle changes can still eat regular food
Written grocery lists and recipes to do the thinking for you
It tastes great! Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard

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Feel Great Without Trying

Improved energy
Reduced hunger
Will benefit anyone
Makes it easier to eat right

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You'll Need A Juicer And....

About $15-$20 in produce each week
You'll need to go grocery shopping each week
You'll need to make juice three times a week
About 1-2 hours/week to devote to the guide

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Table of Contents

week 1

How to Use This Guide and What to Expect Choosing Your Juicer. 1st Grocery List How to Store Produce! The Basics of Using Your Juicer Common Beginner Mistakes Recipe: Homemade V8 Juice

week 2

How to Prep Produce How to Clean Your Juicer 2nd Week's Shopping List How to Juice Greens Using Your Juice on the Go Homemade Raw Ginger Ale Supplements to Use While Juicing

week 3

Why You Shouldn't Do A Juice Fast Getting Enough Fiber Week 3 Grocery List What to Eat When Juicing How to Make a Healthy Green Drink Can I Juice It? Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Recipes

week 4

What If I'm Not Seeing Results? Reducing Your Grocery Bill Week 4 Groceries Recipe: Homemade Flu Tonic Should You Go On a 3 Day Fast? Special Offer Juicing vs. Blending

week 5

Homemade Raw Apple Cider Wrapping Everything Up Fast day 1 Fast day 2 Fast day 3